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Are you outgrowing your trim removal system?

At Precision AirConvey, we work hard to make sure that you get the solution that best fits your current and likely future trim-removal needs.

Still, trim removal needs can change in unforeseen ways. We often get questions from companies whose production needs have changed since they originally installed their trim removal system, such as:

  • "We changed materials and now the fan or cutter doesn't work like it used to. What happened?"
  • "We're trying to run 20% more material through your cutter or granulator. Will it work?"
  • "We're going to make a new material/product that is different than what the system was originally designed for. What do I need to be worried about if we move in that direction?"

Fortunately, the engineers at PAC are experts at updating existing trim removal systems to accommodate new production realities. We can even retrofit enhancements onto non-PAC systems.

If you have a change in spec, give us a call at 302-999-8000, and we'll help you figure out if you need to update your system.

Warning Signs That You Might Need to Update Your Trim Waste Removal System

Imbalances in Air

Does one set of pickups work well on your manifold trim removal system, while another set of pickups barely suctions any trim? This air imbalance could be caused by a change in the type or size of materials being processed, or a change of speed.

One solution PAC might employ is manipulating the ductwork to generate the proper airflow and suction for your new needs.


If your cutter is clogging up or the ductwork between the pickups and the cutter is filling up with trim, you may have increased the width of your trim, sped up your process or begun to run sticky materials through your system.

Possible solutions include increasing fan size and duct diameter, speeding up the fan, or — in the case of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) trim – modifying ductwork with non-stick components and adding a mineral oil mister.

A change in the materials you are processing can lead to increased static electricity, which in turn can also lead to clogging.

PAC can remedy the situation by providing static removal equipment that negates the effect of the charge.

Increased Labor Need

You may find that your trim system appears to be in order, but you're doing more work once the waste has been collected. Maybe you're making a bale every hour instead of one bale every four hours.

PAC can evaluate your system and collecting equipment and find ways to handle the increase in waste more efficiently, including possibly updating the bale size.

Talk to PAC

If you think you may need to update your trim removal system — whether or not you have a PAC system — contact us and we'll put our expertise to use.

Contact PAC to learn more about trim removal system updates.




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