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How can a better edge trim or matrix waste baling system help my company’s bottom line?

If you have an inefficient trim or waste baling system, the telltale signs are everywhere. They’re the bits of waste scattered across a factory floor. They’re the large chunks of floor space being taken up by bulky baling machinery. And most importantly, the evidence is in your company’s bottom line, as an obsolete baling machine can rack up material removal and energy costs.

Traditional balers use wire ties to bind bales together. While this method usually does an adequate job to maintain the shape of the bale, bits of dust and waste inevitably fall out, creating a trail wherever the bales are transported. Bins and boxes used to collect waste in these systems often create very low-density, cumbersome bales, leading to extra time, energy and money being used for removal.

Most traditional baling systems don’t offer the environmental advantages of more recently designed systems. Older systems may be noisy, energy-inefficient and incompatible with eco-friendly materials.

New solutions for old problems

Balers like Precison AirConvey’s EcoPAC Baler are designed to alleviate the common problems of traditional equipment. This baler uses a sealed, self-contained system to shape paper, film and PSA waste into high-density bales. After the material is compacted, an operator opens the door to find a neat cube of compacted materials inside a sealed bag, set on a standard pallet ready for conveyance.  

The higher density of the bales results in fewer trips for removal, saving time and money. The sealed system means there’s no trail of waste for employees to clean up.

The EcoPAC Baler’s vertical design occupies a footprint of just 48 inches wide by 60 inches deep, taking up 80% less floor space than horizontal balers. It also uses dramatically less horsepower than traditional balers, with an energy-saving standby mode to cut down on energy costs.

For companies in a position to make the investment, a modern baler like the EcoPAC can save significant money and hassle in the long-term. It can even be retrofitted onto existing air-conveyance systems, including those from other manufacturers.

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