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How Can I Reduce Oil Usage?

Precision AirConvey’s EnviroPulse Oil Mist Lubrication System
dramatically reduces oil usage.

When looking at oil mist lubrication systems, one factor to consider is the amount of oil used. Over time, oil costs can add up. That’s why Precision AirConvey (PAC) designed EnviroPulse, a customizable oil mist system that lets users control oil consumption and reduce costs.

For example, PAC EnviroPulse users can choose the time interval between mistings, the duration of mistings, and the amount of oil used in mistings. When a press is running, the mist unit can function normally. When the press is off, the mist unit can be adjusted to reduce the frequency of the spray while still maintaining lubrication.

The adjustability of this system makes a significant difference in oil consumption. In fact, one customer recently reported that since using the PAC EnviroPulse system, oil usage at his facility has gone down 84%.

“Customers are confirming that the PAC EnviroPulse oil mist lubrication system is significantly reducing their oil consumption,” says Kevin Bock, Director of Technical Sales. “There are significant cost benefits for manufacturers when oil use is reduced. PAC’s EnviroPulse system was designed to allow users maximum customization.”

An oil mist lubrication system is critically important for keeping production lines operating smoothly. If just one stray piece of pressure sensitive adhesive trim sticks to the inside of a duct, production stopping blockages can occur. An oil mist lubrication system creates an environment that discourages trim and matrix materials from sticking to keep production running smoothly.

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