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How can I reduce sound from my trim removal system?

You want a safe environment for workers that meets OSHA sound-pressure standards. It's time to quiet down your trim or matrix removal system.

What's making the system so loud?

Fans and cutters are the typical main noisemakers in air conveying trim waste and matrix waste handling systems.

The fans in a trim removal system can have anywhere from 15 to 100 horsepower motors, which are as loud as they are powerful. By contrast, cutter motors are usually quite quiet, but when their knives are in action, the cutters themselves can make a lot of noise. In addition to the sounds made by slicing up materials, cutter blades also chop the air noisily in the same way that a helicopter's rotor blades do.

Fans and cutters aren't the only reason you're reaching for your earplugs and hearing muffs before heading into your pressroom, however. The tubing that connects your infeeds to the cutter and the fan acts like an echo chamber. It mixes cutter and fan noises with the sounds of material and air whooshing through piping, and sends the noise out in a concentrated form to the infeed area.

How Precision AirConvey can quiet down your operations

Precision AirConvey's expert engineers have designed solutions that lessen noise at each of its sources and outputs.


PAC Fan Sound Enclosure

PAC Fan Sound Enclosure

Sound enclosures for fans can reduce fan motor noise by an impressive 25%. These cabinets have removable panels for maintenance access, as well as strategically placed air holes that provide ventilation without leaking too much noise. PAC's systems function equally well indoors and outdoors; You can use them to become a better neighbor to other departments within your building and to nearby residents and businesses without.

PAC's inline silencers, also called blow-through silencers, reduce noise at the cutter and/or fan while preventing sounds from traveling through the conveyance tubing. The difference in noise production between a system fitted with a blow-through silencer and one without a silencer is dramatic. Depending on the material being handled, the system can become whisper-quiet, allowing operators to communicate easily at normal, conversational levels. Softer materials — such as paper, paper-backed adhesive and LDPE — can be processed almost silently. More brittle materials — such as PVC — make more noise, but still can be kept quite quiet.


Silenced Infeed

Silenced Infeed

If there is a balance fan on the exhaust, PAC utilizes a blow-through silencer there as well.

PAC's modified pick ups do two jobs at once at the infeed. They stop the "reed effect" created by the material and air rushing together over the lip of the infeed (think: saxophone or clarinet, but less pretty). They also stop noise from spilling out from the cutter and/or fan.

Learn more about Precision AirConvey's sound attenuation solutions.

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