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How can my company reclaim film edge trim and scrap for reuse?

You don't want your waste to go to waste. By adding a reclamation system onto your film press, you can create a closed-loop system that recycles your edge trim and roll scrap back into usable material for your product on-site.

Precision AirConvey's Granulate Feed System, also called a fluff reclaim system, is so efficient that it helps companies use less virgin resin.

Granulate Feed Systems

GFS_MainOnce trim and scrap waste has been conveyed away from the press, it can be processed through a granulator, which grinds the film into small, confetti-like pieces called fluff. The fluff is then sent through Precision AirConvey's proprietary-design Granulate Feed System and fed to the extruder for processing into material for creating more film. PAC's system can reclaim up to 28 percent of extruder output.

PAC's system avoids common consistency problems traditionally associated with fluff recycling by keeping the fluff and virgin resins in two separate hopper chambers. The fluff is conveyed by a variable speed auger, while the resin is pushed down by gravity. The auger is calibrated to speed up or slow down according the to the extruder speed, automatically changing speed as the extruder changes speed. Agitator arms prevent bridging and loss of feed.

PAC's Granulate Feed Systems can simultaneously feed edge trim and roll scrap into the system, even though the edge trim is processed during production (inline) and the roll scrap is collected and then processed (offline). A limit switch inside the fluff hopper regulates the amount of roll scrap fed into the system, ensuring the proper proportion of materials returning to the extruder.

PAC's Granulate Feed Systems fit round, square, oval and rectangular extruder throats and extruders from 2 1/2 to 8 inches.

Best of all, they are fast, with reclaim rates of up to 1,200 pounds per hour per extruder.

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