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How can pressure sensitive adhesive trim and matrix waste be pneumatically conveyed without system clogs and build-ups?

Whether converting labels, paper, film, web or vinyls, companies that handle pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) material face a unique set of challenges when considering an automated trim removal system.

If untreated, sticky trim and matrix waste conveyed through a pneumatic system will eventually find a way to adhere to the inside of the ductwork. And, once a piece — even a little piece — of trim manages to stick to the inner walls, it starts a snowball effect. Other pieces of PSA trim will cling to the first piece, and in turn more trim pieces will stick to those hangers on, and so on and so on, until the duct is clogged and productivity stops.

PAC systems solves sticky PSA trim removal challenges

Precision AirConvey trim removal and matrix waste systems for PSA materials use a two-pronged approach to keep the process running smoothly while avoiding clogs and jams.

First, proprietary non-stick coatings are applied to strategic locations within the convey survey, including some transitions and in-line cutters. The coating's release properties make it very difficult for trim with exposed adhesive to adhere to the system components.

Second, oil is introduced at the pick-up nozzle to add a fine coating of oil on all the inner walls of the system, further negating the possibility of PSA adhesion within the system. Instead of a wasteful continuous flow, Precision AirConvey's oil systems use precisely timed pressurized injection cycles to mist in lightweight oil as needed. Operators can increase or decrease the length of the misting cycle depending on the aggressiveness of the adhesive.

In addition to being highly effective, Precision AirConvey's food-grade mineral oil is safe for the environment.

Central Oil Mist Systems

Companies that have eight or more presses should consider using a central oil mist system. Central systems offer consistent functionality and adjustability for each press, but allow workers to monitor operations and maintain oil levels at a single location. Central systems also help free up valuable floor space.

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