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How do you choose the best provider for a trim waste or matrix waste removal system?

As with all big decisions, choosing the best provider for a trim waste removal system or a matrix waste removal solution should be based on a number of factors.

If price is your only motivator, you may receive a solution that is not the best  — or the most cost-effective — long-term solution.

Here are some tips that will help you pick a trim removal system or matrix waste solution provider, though they also are good guidelines to consider when choosing any vendor of important equipment.

Choose a technical advisor

Your provider should understand your operation and product well enough to design a custom solution and conduct upfront testing to ensure robust performance.  Be sure to partner with a company that has demonstrated this capability. Beware of “cookie cutter” solutions that may not take into consideration the uniqueness of your material or specific operation.

Choose a provider with a great reputation

Ask for references of past installations. Even better, ask your provider if there are any local installations that you can see in person.

Choose a provider who stands behind the product

How will your new system be guaranteed? Will a customer service team be easily accessible and responsive should you have a problem? Challenge your provider to provide a reference from a customer who had a problem and who can explain how the provider responded.

Choose a provider who supports your company’s success

Ultimately, you want to partner with a provider who brings expertise and a consultative approach.
A good rule of thumb is to measure your providers by the quality of questions they ask you.

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