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How does a static eliminator bar improve a trim or matrix removal system?

In a high-speed trim or matrix removal system, static is a constant byproduct. As chopped paper, plastic, textiles and other trim and waste materials race through the system, they often develop a static charge as they approach the air separator.

The static causes chopped or granulated materials to stick together and may create clogs that slow or even stall a trim waste removal system, sending productivity to a grinding halt.

Many plants seek to neutralize static charges in their systems before they become a costly maintenance issue.

How can static be neutralized in the trim removal process?

Static is caused by the friction of chopped or granulated materials rubbing together as they move through a trim removal system. The friction of the rubbing gives the materials positive and negative charges.

Precision AirConvey’s BarStat Ionicflow System, a static eliminator bar, continuously neutralizes static charges by directing a flood of positive and negative ions in the path of the charged granulate or edge trim. The charged particles are quickly and safely neutralized, the static is dissipated and the waste material is permitted to flow freely at peak efficiency to a baler, a gaylord or another collection bin.

When assessing the need for static control, PAC’s expert engineers start by evaluating the material type and calculating if it is susceptible to problems with static. They then specify the ideal PAC static eliminator bar solution in the trim system design.

The BarStat Iconicflow System continuously neutralizes static charges with a series of patented electrodes mounted in a bar system, also known as a "static eliminator bar."
Durable aluminum or steel ductwork promotes continuous grounding and dissipation of static charges, reducing clogs.

The BarStat system thrives in challenging high-dust, low-humidity environments, making it especially effective handling trim and paper waste in print-to-mail, remittance and other paper-based operations.

In plant after plant, operators have found that PAC static eliminator bar's promote easy handling of lightweight materials, ensure efficient and complete waste removal and boost overall system reliability.

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