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Do I need a central oil mist system to prevent ductwork clogs?

If your air-conveyed trim or label matrix removal system is dealing with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) materials, keeping your trim from sticking to the ductwork is a top priority. If just one piece of stray PSA trim sticks to the inside of the duct, it can cause other PSA pieces to adhere to it, starting a snowball effect that can grind your production to a costly halt.

Companies that have multiple presses handling PSA trim and matrix waste can choose to use individual oil mist systems at each press or opt for a Central Oil Mist Lubrication System that supplies them all from a single container. In some cases — such as small shops with only two or three presses — individual systems are the way to go, but more often than not, Central Oil Mist Lubrication Systems will save companies substantial money, labor and space.

Why Central Oil Mist Lubrication Systems are more efficient than individual systems

The most obvious way Central Oil Mist systems save companies money is through the purchase and installation of one piece of equipment rather than several stand-alone systems. However, centralized systems offer other benefits as well.

First, less labor is needed to maintain the systems. Instead of filling several smaller tanks with oil and then coming back to each periodically to check their oil levels, operators using a central system only need to maintain one large tank.

Qualified personnel can also customize oil distribution at each press to accommodate press speed and material. This affords companies the same flexibility they would have with individual systems, but saves personnel the responsibility of tending each. This customization also keeps companies from using more oil than needed.

The benefits of Precision AirConvey's Central Oil Mist Lubrication Systems

Precision AirConvey offers a two-pronged approach to efficiently handle trim and label matrix removal for PSA waste using a proprietary non-stick coating on selected ductwork and injecting a fine mineral oil mist into the process at the infeeds. Advantages of the system include:

1. Costly clogs are avoided automatically. Precision AirConvey’s Central Oil Mist Lubrication System has a low-oil alarm that warns operators that the tank needs filling. In addition, there’s a fail-safe built in: the control panel for the oiler is interlocked with the control panel for the trim and label matrix removal system. If, for any reason, the oil runs out before an operator can refill it, the oiler control panel will shut down the entire trim and label matrix system in a controlled fashion rather than letting it run without oil, ensuring expensive clogs never jam up your ductwork.

2. Advance warning. The system will not shut down without first giving ample notification that oil is needed.

3. Saving space. Precision AirConvey’s Central Oil Mist Lubrication System features one 55-gallon tank, which can be installed at a convenient location, apart from the production environment. Individual systems feature 11.5-gallon tanks located at each press. If pressroom floor space is at a premium in your multi-press shop, a central oil system may be the best choice.

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