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Precision Air Convey Announces the Promotion of Chris Gillespie to Director of Engineering

Precision Air Convey (PAC) is pleased to announce the promotion of Chris Gillespie from Lead Engineer to Director of Engineering. This promotion recognizes the contributions he has made to PAC during his tenure with the organization and is effective on February 1st, 2019.

Chris earned his Electromechanical Engineering degree from Delaware Technical & Community College where he was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Before joining PAC, Chris was the Senior Quality Systems Technician for ILC Dover. He contributed to the design and validation of the Impact Airbag system for the Mars Exploration Rover that landed on Mars in 2004 and supported the design and validation of the Radome cover for the Sea-based X-Band Missile Defense Radar that was deployed in the Pacific in 2006. He also logged over 100 hours in the Shuttle Space Suit, performing various tests and validations on suit components.

Chris joined PAC in 2005 as a Senior Lab Technician, he quickly transitioned to Project Engineering where he contributed to the design and implementation of various R & D projects including; the Pitney Bowes Y19C – All In One Collection Unit, High Capacity Film Densifier, and High-Speed Cast Stretch extrusion reclaim solutions. In addition, Chris has been influential in developing and implementing new Engineering procedures and processes that have improved effiency and company profitablity. During his thirteen-year tenure with the company, Chris was promoted to Senior Project Engineer, then Lead Project Engineer. In addition to his responsibilities at PAC, he has also chaired the TLMI’s Matrix Recycling Committee since 2013.

Precision AirConvey is a national leader in the manufacture, installation and service of trim and matrix removal systems for the labels, paper, film & sheet and other industries. Our high-quality cutters and pneumatic convey systems enable companies to effectively remove trim materials and eliminate costly clogs or breakdowns. We are proud to serve more customers than any competitor and look forward to providing new customers with custom systems, quick solutions and impeccable and reliable support.

For more information about our products, or to contact Chris directly:

Chris Gillespie
Director of Engineering Precision AirConvey Corporation 465 Corporate Blvd.
Newark, DE 19702
Phone: 302-266-0555 x 232
Cell: 302-331-8769
Fax: 302-369-5680