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Save 15 percent on cutter maintenance with PAC’s Cutting Edge program

Performing regular maintenance on your cutters is key to your system's operations.

In order to cut properly, the cutting clearance between the bed and fly knives must be less than the thickness of the material you are cutting. Over time, your blades will dull. When the knives are worn down so that the cutting clearance is equal or greater than the material thickness, they must be re-sharpened and adjusted to the original cutting clearance.

Uncut material traveling through a dulled inline cutter system will wrap around your rotors and stop your production line. It will also shorten the life of your bearings.

The cutting clearance across the width of the cutter must also be kept uniform. Irregularly shaped trim waste clogs up systems and stops production lines.

The time to sharpen your blades is before they start to cause problems on the production line. Precision AirConvey's Cutting Edge Program allows you to be proactive by using preventive maintenance to help keep your cutters running at maximum performance with minimal wear and tear on the unit itself.

How the Cutting Edge Program Works

  1. You sign up for the Cutting Edge Program and send us your cutter.
  2. PAC-certified technicians at our New Jersey trim cutter manufacturing facility sharpen and adjust your blades to their original clearance. Trim cutters go through an eight-point service inspection, enabling our technicians to evaluate and make recommendations to improve performance and diagnose wear issues to reduce maintenance costs. After the initial service, the technicians will make recommendations about the length of the service intervals, based on the cutter model and knife type, material and system specifications, and knife and component wear. The wear life of your blades is determined by the materials they’re cutting. The most abrasive fiberglass, for instance, will erode your knives much faster than paper. Depending on your materials, blades may need to be sharpened as frequently as every 3 weeks or as rarely as once a year.
  3. We send your cutter back to you.
  4. We email you reminders when it is time to send your cutters back to us for sharpening.

Benefits of the Cutting Edge Program

  1. A 15% discount on labor for the life of the program.
  2. Priority service — usually within three days. (Our standard lead time is two weeks.)
  3. Service includes:

    • Inspection of the unit for wear or damage
    • Inspection of rotor end disc clearance
    • Inspection of bearing pre-load
    • Inspection of the hood fit and clearance
    • Surface grinding of the rotor and bed knives
    • Spin grinding
    • Setting the knife clearance to factory standards for your particular model
    • Final Inspection and documentation, including cut and score samples


  1. Service only available for PAC cutters.
  2. You must return your cutter for service on the recommended service date to stay enrolled.
  3. The units must be serviced at PAC at an initial 1 year interval (to be updated based on the initial evaluation).

Learn more about cutter maintenance.

Contact PAC and learn more about the Cutting Edge Program.

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