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PAC Protection Plus Service Plan

Get the best ROI from your PAC system with the Protection Plus Service Plan

PAC servicing equipment

When you sign up for regularly scheduled maintenance through the PAC Protection Plus Service Plan, you are ensuring that your Precision AirConvey system works at peak efficiency. 

During onsite Protection Plus Service maintenance visits, an expert mechanic from PAC will evaluate wear on your equipment, make the necessary adjustments and recommend improvements to extend the life of your system and avoid costly downtime.

What's included:

  • General Mechanical Inspection
  • Major Equipment Check
  • Power Consumption Check
  • System Airflows Check
  • Variable Frequency Drives Check
  • Cutter and Granulators Check
  • System Controls Check
  • System Operation Check

The time in between maintenance visits depends on your needs, equipment and operations. Some companies require annual visits while others need quarterly or semiannual visits. 

PAC Protection Plus Certification

In addition, we offer PAC Protection Plus Certification for your maintenance crew. We will train your team to perform the necessary inspections and maintenance to keep your system running at optimal performance levels.

Contact PAC to learn about the Protection Plus Service Plan and Protection Plus Certification.

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