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Should we use a venturi or a cutter/fan system to handle our trim waste?

Trying to decide which trim removal system your company needs? Precision AirConvey (PAC) has made you a handy chart to see how venturis stack up against cutter/fan systems.

A venturi (ven-CHUR-ee or ven-TOUR-ee) is a device used in the converting industry to convey a continuous ribbon of trim to a collection bin.

A cutter/fan system conveys trim and processes it through a cutter, creating a low-volume, high-density confetti.


We need to save money

Venturis: Venturis offer a low-cost trim removal solution for companies that need to save on labor and maintenance costs, and convey their trim waste away from their lines or presses. They can be a good fit for companies that don't have enough capital to invest in a cutter/fan system.

Cutter/fans: Cutter/fans cost more upfront, but typically provide a faster ROI than venturis. Companies that purchase cutter/fan systems increase productivity, decrease downtime, and take many fewer trips to the landfill, because their waste volume is greatly reduced. Cutter/fans also use much less horsepower, so companies save money on energy costs.

Winner: In a sprint, venturis win. But over the long haul, cutter/fans are the clear victor.


We need a quick fix

Venturis: Because venturis have fewer components, and are less complicated, they take less time to install.

Cutter/fans: Cutter/fans take longer to engineer and install than venturis. Some companies that need a trim handling solution immediately use venturis as a temporary fix while their cutter/fan is engineered and installed.

Winner: Venturis, but don't count cutter/fans out.


We need to handle PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) trim

Venturis: PAC can add a proprietary non-stick coating to its venturis, allowing them to handle less-aggressive adhesive continuous trim with liners over short distances.

Cutter/fans: PAC's cutters/fans can be outfitted with a food-grade mineral oil mist system that lubricates PSA material and coats the inside of the ductwork, neutralizing any stickiness, allowing PSA trim and matrix waste pieces with and without liners to be conveyed over long distances with ease.

Winner: Cutter/fans


We need to keep trim intact

Venturis: Venturis do not process trim at all. They simply convey the continuous ribbon to a collection bin.

Cutter/fans: Because cutter/fans slice up the trim, they are not a good fit for companies that need intact trim.

Winner: Venturis


We have a high-speed operation

Venturis: Venturis are great for high-speed continuous-trim applications.

Cutter/fans: Cutter/fans can keep up with most press and line speeds.

Winner: Too close to call for most applications.


We need to convey trim over a long distance or through bends in the ductwork

Venturis: Venturis do not work well when conveying trim very far or with ductwork that has more than two bends.

Cutter/fans: Longer distances and twisting, turning ductwork are no problem for cutter/fan systems.

Winner: Cutter/fans


We have multiple presses and/or lines

Venturis: Venturis use a lot more energy to get the job done. More presses and lines mean more venturis, making your system less energy efficient. Venturis also take up a lot of valuable floor space.

Cutter/fans: Cutter/fans are much more energy-efficient and can be centralized to serve multiple lines and presses at once with a relatively small footprint.

Winner: Cutter/fans


We want to bale our trim waste for easier handling

Venturis: You can bale waste from a venturi, but it isn't very efficient and takes extra work. Because the trim is one long big piece instead of lots of little pieces, your bales will be looser and you'll be making more of them. Also, since the trim is a continuous ribbon, you'll need to cut your bales apart from each other.

Cutter/fans: Cutters/fans process trim into little pieces that are easily compacted into low-volume, high-density bales.

Winner: Cutter/fans


We need to handle matrix waste

Venturis: Venturis can handle some matrix waste in limited applications.

Cutter/fans: Cutter/fans are made to handle matrix waste. Since there's no need to rewind the matrix, labelers who use cutter/fan systems increase productivity by avoiding tension breaks, stoppages and press slowdowns. They also can save on material costs since only a 1/8-inch edge is needed.

Winner: Cutter/fans


As you can see, venturis and cutter/fans each have their strengths, depending on the application and the material they are handling.

The experts at Precision AirConvey have years of experience helping companies of all sizes save money, increase productivity and get a quick ROI out of their trim removal systems.

Contact PAC to learn which technology — a venturi or a cutter/fan system — is the best fit for your company.



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