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Choosing a Solution

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  • Feb 5, 2015

    Do I need a central oil mist system to prevent ductwork clogs?

    If your air-conveyed trim or label matrix removal system is dealing with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) materials, keeping your trim from sticking to the ductwork is a top priority. If just one piece of stray PSA trim sticks to the

  • Jan 15, 2015

    What are the benefits of automating roll splitting and core removal?

    Many companies choose to save money by reusing the cores at the center of their rolls of paper, film, foil, non-wovens and other materials. But before you can reuse the core, you must remove the waste material left over from

  • Jul 22, 2014

    Are you outgrowing your trim removal system?

    At Precision AirConvey, we work hard to make sure that you get the solution that best fits your current and likely future trim-removal needs. Still, trim removal needs can change in unforeseen ways. We often get questions from companies whose

  • May 28, 2014

    Should we use a venturi or a cutter/fan system to handle our trim waste?

    Trying to decide which trim removal system your company needs? Precision AirConvey (PAC) has made you a handy chart to see how venturis stack up against cutter/fan systems. A venturi (ven-CHUR-ee or ven-TOUR-ee) is a device used in the converting

  • Dec 5, 2013

    When is a portable trim removal system the best option?

    Companies without automated trim removal systems face unnecessary hassles. They need to stop their presses to deal with their trim waste, which usually ends up on the floor. Then someone needs to clean it up. Plus, trim waste on the