How It Works

The WastePAC Densifier compresses the plastic waste and then uses plate heaters to melt the top and sides of the brick, creating a light outer skin that holds the whole thing together. The bricks are 5 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Their length can be customized to up to 108 inches. The WastePAC Densifier is 4 foot wide, 4 feet tall and 8 feet long.

Densify Trim Waste

Loose plastic trim and scrap take up a lot of space. By densifying your trim waste with the WastePAC Densifier, you will greatly reduce its volume, as much as 40:1. Instead of filling many gaylords full of loose waste, you can make easy-to-manage bricks that can sized for stacking on a single pallet or cut small for maximum packing efficiency in a single bin.

If you are reusing your plastic trim and scrap, the WastePAC Densifier can make your job easier by creating easily transportable bricks that can be fed into a repelletizer.

The WastePAC Densifier also makes recycling a real possibility for customers that don’t have internal reclaim equipment. Because you can now get 40,000 pounds of waste on a truck, sending your waste to a recycler will be economically sound. Without densification, the transportation cost would rule out recycling.

Quick Installation, Quick Delivery

The WastePAC Densifier can be integrated seamlessly into the design of your new trim removal system. Is can also be retrofit on existing systems. Because it is a standard PAC solution, it can be delivered and installed quickly. Contact us to learn more about the WastePAC Densifier.