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What is a venturi and how can it be used to handle trim waste?

A venturi (ven-CHUR-ee or ven-TOUR-ee) is a device used in the converting industry to convey a continuous ribbon of trim from a slitter, press, die or other machinery to a collection bin, container or baler for removal or repurposing. A venturi can be used to convey paper, film, foil, plastic or label matrix.

Venturi-based pneumatic conveying systems use a fan to create a vacuum effect by inducing airflow through a tapered or constricted section of pipe. As the forced air travels through this area, its velocity increases while its pressure decreases. Venturis get their name from Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi who described this effect, later called the Venturi effect, in the late 18th century.

Venturi Trim Removal Systems vs. Cutter/Fan Trim Removal Systems

Venturi trim removal systems can be a quick, simple, cost-effective solution for small operations. Because a venturi only conveys the trim, and doesn't cut or process it in any way, it is also a good solution for operations that require their trim to remain intact and unprocessed.

When compared to cutter/fan trim removal systems, venturis do have some limitations. Venturis require more horsepower, and therefore use more energy than cutter/fan systems. The difference in energy costs increases with the number of venturis at work in a plant. If you need more than one machine, a cutter/fan system can be much more cost efficient in the long run.

Venturis only work with continuous trim. If you need your trim cut, processed, densified or conveyed even more quickly, a cutter/fan conveying system is a better option.

PAC Venturis

Precision AirConvey's venturis are custom engineered to best handle each operation's unique trim waste. They are both reversible and field rotatable to direct the airflow as the system design and floor space requires.

PAC venturi systems use dual material pick-up nozzles to capture trim, matrix and other waste at the source and whisk it away, helping companies eliminate line stoppages, reduce maintenance needs, boost production and segregate waste streams.

Silencers can reduce the noise of a working venturi. A proprietary non-stick coating can be added to the venturi so that it easily handles matrix waste and trim with pressure-sensitive adhesives. Casters can give a PAC venturi the option of mobility.

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