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When is a portable trim removal system the best option?

Companies without automated trim removal systems face unnecessary hassles. They need to stop their presses to deal with their trim waste, which usually ends up on the floor. Then someone needs to clean it up. Plus, trim waste on the floor isn't just a housekeeping issue — it can become a safety hazard.

By automating your trim waste handling process, you can increase press uptime and keep your pressroom floors cleaner and safer.

The benefits of an automated trim removal system are clear. However, many companies don't have the time or the capital to invest in a custom-engineered solution. And for many of these companies, Precision AirConvey's TrimPAC EZ portable trim removal solution is a great alternative.

A standard, off-the-shelf solution, the TrimPAC EZ vacuums trim waste through an inline material-handling fan, to an on-board cyclone and into a high-capacity collection bag. The TrimPAC EZ can handle paper, die cuts, knock outs and continuous trim on its own, but an optional cutter enhancement also allows it to cut and capture film and sheet, and non wovens.

TrimPAC EZ Unit

Benefits of a PAC portable trim removal system

In addition to affordability, the TrimPAC EZ offers companies a wide range of benefits.

It's pre-engineered, and arrives ready to install and operate. The TrimPAC EZ also is virtually maintenance free.

If you have multiple presses, but your press schedule is such that you only need one trim removal system in operation at a time, then the portability of the TrimPAC EZ is a perfect fit for you. It moves easily between presses on lockable swivel casters.

Press Uptime
The TrimPAC EZ's dual collection bags allow continuous operation. You never have to stop the press to change bags — you simply divert trim into one bag while changing the other.

Dust Collection
Particulates are separated from the airstream and sent through 1 micron filtration.


Other Solutions

In some cases, other PAC standard solutions might be a better match for your company than the TrimPAC EZ. For instance, the original TrimPAC's standard cutter can handle nearly any material at high speeds (cutters are optional on the TrimPAC EZ). Plus, its larger collection bin means that operators will spend less time monitoring the collection process. Conversely, the mobility package on the TrimPAC is an optional feature, while every TrimPAC EZ comes with lockable casters for portability as standard features.

The TrimPAC EZ can only handle one press at a time, so if your company is growing or has a few presses operating at once, a PAC custom solution is usually a better choice. Precision AirConvey's engineers can create a more efficient central trim removal solution for you that handles multiple presses, with eventual growth and scalability built right into the design.

Still, for many companies, the affordable, convenient and portable TrimPAC EZ is a perfect solution to their trim waste handling needs.

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