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Why do inline cutters & granulators need regular sharpening?

In order to cut properly, the cutting clearance between the bed and fly knives must be less than the thickness of the material you are cutting.

Over time, your blades will dull. When the knives are worn down so that the cutting clearance is equal or greater than the material thickness, they must be re-sharpened and adjusted to the original cutting clearance.

Uncut material traveling through a dulled inline cutter system will wrap around your rotors and stop your production line. It will also shorten the life of your bearings.

It is also imperative that cutting clearance across the width of the cutter is uniform in order to avoid intermittent cuts that lead to long strands of uncut material. Irregularly shaped trim waste clogs up systems and stops production lines.

The wear life of your blades is determined by the materials they're cutting. The most abrasive fiberglass, for instance, will erode your knives much faster than paper. Depending on your materials, blades may need to be sharpened as frequently as every 3 weeks or as rarely as once a year.

PAC Cutter and Granulator Maintenance

If you have a Precision AirConvey cutter or granulator, PAC is your best choice for maintenance. It's like getting your car serviced by a specialist at the dealership instead of a generalist local mechanic. We know your equipment inside and out because we built it.

PAC Cutter Service 1

When you send your PAC cutter or granulator to us for maintenance, we perform a meticulous 8-step inspection. PAC technicians, backed by our engineering staff, have the expertise to diagnose wear issues. Only certified parts and coatings are used to restore your equipment to its original cutting tolerance and performance specifications. You will be notified of any necessary parts replacement and additional costs before we proceed.

Our process is convenient and easy, and we make sure that we get it right. At PAC, we:

  • Measure knives to ensure adherence to strict specifications
  • Use custom fixtures to achieve original tolerances and guarantee proper angles when resurfacing the cutting edge
  • Test sample material to verify original cutting performance

If you are changing the materials your company is handling, our team also has the knowledge to help you update or replace your cutter or granulator to better suit your new needs.

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