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Why is dust a problem in a print-to-mail or mail-fulfillment shop?

Whether you've got a print-to-mail or mail-fulfillment shop, you've got dust. Lots of it. Dust is created wherever and whenever your paper is being processed, whether it's being cut or conveyed. Excess dust is more than a housekeeping headache — it can harm your equipment, workers and facility.

Dust damages your equipment

Dust wears down the bearings and moving parts of your machines, causing them to age prematurely. Dust build-up can lead to line stoppages and downtime for maintenance. Fine particulates can even gum up instrument panels and controls, making them difficult to read and operate.

Dust may harm your employees

Extensive exposure to dust in the air can create or exacerbate breathing and lung problems. In addition, piles of dust and dusty floors put employees at higher risk of slips and mishaps.

Paper dust can be explosive

Most dusts are combustible — able to catch fire and burn.  If combustible dust — including paper dust — is rendered fine enough and suspended in the air in a high enough concentration, it can become explosive when ignited by sparks, fire, electric arcing, heat, friction or electrostatic discharges.

According to OSHA, the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) identified 281 combustible dust incidents between 1980 and 2005 that killed 119 workers, injured 718 and extensively damaged numerous industrial facilities.

Precision AirConvey's Dust Collection Systems

Happily, Precision AirConvey's dust collection systems can give your employees a cleaner, healthier work environment while reducing your machine maintenance costs.

PAC engineers will custom-design a dust collection system for your print-to-mail shop or mail-fulfillment business as part of a complete trim and waste handling system.

PAC offers both filter plenum dust collection systems and reverse jet filtration dust collection systems.

Dust Control
PAC dust collection systems efficiently and continuously remove entrained particles from the trim collection air stream.

Custom Dust Collection System Design 
When designing your dust collector, PAC engineers consider every facet of your process, including the type of material entering the infeed, the distance it travels through the ductwork, the dust particle size, volume and temperature.

The precision-engineered ductwork is configured to support pressure levels and promote the smooth flow of conveying air, using the least amount of horsepower possible.

PAC's proprietary hopper design features a slide gate valve to create a sealed, air-tight connection with a 55- or 20-gallon drum, permitting the agglomerated dust and other particles to be easily emptied without shutting down the dust collection system.

Easy Filter Access
Filter maintenance and replacement is easily done by a single person from outside the collector and with no tools. The cartridge just slides out of the dust collection system and the new cartridge slides in, like closing a file drawer.

All-External Maintenance
PAC industrial dust collection systems include an easy to use control panel that features a 110 volt, solid-state timer with adjustable pots inside a durable steel enclosure that meets tough NEMA 4 standards. All serviceable components are mounted outside the casing for easy maintenance and to eliminate OSHA confined space entry requirement issues.

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