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Decrease Downtime

PAC's trim and matrix waste removal systems reduce downtime

Precision AirConvey's pneumatic trim and matrix waste removal systems decrease downtime by eliminating the common causes of clogs and jams, and by streamlining the waste removal process.

Avoid Clogging

Clogs and jams aren't just frustrating. They waste your time and money. PAC's air-convey systems chop your trim and matrix waste into small pieces than can be sent through ductwork efficiently, swiftly and without buildups. The custom rotor design prevents jamming material wraps.

PAC's proprietary oil misters and duct coatings ensure that PSA materials do not adhere to themselves or system interiors, two other causes of costly clogs.

Stop Winding Your Matrix Waste

PAC's matrix waste removal systems capture matrix waste right at the press. As a result labelers, printers and converters that handle matrix and narrow web can stop the time-consuming process of winding their matrix. Uptime is increased because:

  • There is no need to stop your press to remove matrix waste rolls
  • Web and tension breaks don't stop the press
  • Material can be conveyed faster than it can be wound

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