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* Made in the U.S.A. *

Other Savings

PAC's trim and matrix waste removal systems save
companies money on waste transport and energy costs

Precision AirConvey's trim and label matrix waste removal solutions can help you increase productivity while you save money by decreasing downtime, wasting less material, lowering labor costs and spending less on waste transport and energy.

Take Fewer Trips to the Landfill

Uncut trim and rolls of waste matrix are bulky and unwieldy. PAC's in-line cutter/fan systems densify waste by chopping it up into a confetti that can be packed into a much tighter space.

As a result, waste containers take much, much longer to fill up with densified trim or matrix waste.

Because you can put more in your compactor, you don’t have to send nearly as many trucks to the landfill. You can save money associated with transport costs and landfill fees.

Our EcoPAC Balers and WastePAC Densifiers can make your trim and matrix waste even easier to handle and reduce your housekeeping issues, too.

Energy Efficient Equipment

PAC's engineering leads the industry in energy efficiency. Our equipment offers a high speed/low horsepower that is tough to beat.

As one example, a company in the Southwest that was considering a competitor's system ultimately went with PAC because our system saved them $12,000 a year in electrical costs.

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