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TrimPAC Trim Handling System

Quick-delivery TrimPAC offers reliable trim or matrix removal


The TrimPAC is a versatile, pre-engineered trim handling system that comes with everything you need for reliable, clog-free, high-speed conveying and removal. It can cut and convey edge trim and matrix into a waste bin or baler at a 20% higher rate than venturi systems, while densifying the waste at rates up to 20:1.

The TrimPAC is offered in two styles. The TrimPAC for trim removal includes an in-line cutter, a material handling fan, piping, an air separator and two inlet pickups. The TrimPAC for matrix waste removal includes an in-line cutter, a material handling fan, piping, an air separator, a single matrix-style pickup and an innovative oil mist system that keeps sticky PSA trim from adhering to the components.

The TrimPAC can handle almost any type of material, including film, sheet, foil, laminate, paper, label and PSA waste, depending the material's width and thickness and the total convey distance required.

Custom Options

In addition to a robust set of standard features, optional features can increase your TrimPAC's proficiency and flexibility, and also improve operator experience. Options include a pedestal base, a mobility package, silent infeeds, a sound enclosed fan, inline silencers, static elimination and a range of motors.

TrimPAC Whisper

Loaded up with every noise-reduction feature available, the TrimPAC Whisper may be the quietest automated trim system in the world. With dual inlet silencers, an inline silencer and a fan silencer to block and absorb sound, the TrimPAC Whisper delivers top performance at a gentle sound pressure level much safer than the industry standard 85 dBA for an eight-hour shift.

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