Lower operating costs and increase production

PAC’s cutter/fan trim removal solutions have helped the world’s largest mail insertion and printing operations lower operating costs and increase production.

We decrease your downtime by eliminating the causes of clogs and jams.

We increase your productivity by allowing you to run your lines 10-30% faster.

We lower your labor costs because our cutter/fan systems and balers densify your trim and make it easier to handle.

We create a cleaner production floor by removing the slitter dust.

Cost-effective Solutions

Our engineering team custom designs solutions to continuously handle millions of documents per day. For smaller operations, our TrimPAC and TrimPAC EZ can also provide cost-effective solutions.

PAC Options for the Mail Insertion and Printing Industries

PAC's custom-engineered systems can seamlessly integrate options that solve a host of issues that face companies in the mail insertion and printing industries.

PAC's dust collection solutions create a cleaner, healthier work environment. Controlling dust will also help you save on maintenance. Our static elimination options keep your system running smoothly and our noise reduction equipment and enclosures will improve your work environment while keeping you OSHA-compliant.

In addition, if you have butt rolls, PAC's Roll Splitters can remove the paper quickly and safely — no more utility knives.

Easy Maintenance

When it's time for a tune-up, PAC makes cutter sharpening and system maintenance easy and convenient with its Cutting Edge Program and PAC Protection Plus Service Plan. Our expert technicians will keep your knives sharper for longer and your system working at peak efficiency so you can get the best possible ROI. Contact PAC to learn how we can help your operation save money.