PAC helps film and sheet companies reclaim trim more efficiently

Precision AirConvey’s complete trim handling systems and reprocessing equipment are customized to serve the needs of blown film, cast film or extrusion coated material.

PAC engineers are the industry experts in automating the collection and size reduction of edge trim, roll scrap and waste material to help our customers reclaim material costs.

Our custom-designed pneumatic trim systems are fast, allowing you to increase your line speed, which in turn increases productivity. PAC systems eliminate the common causes of clogs and jams, help you decrease downtime and operational headaches.


Improve Reclaim Percentages

As much as 28% of extruder output can come from your film and sheet reclaimed materials — reclaim percentages depend on the amount of trim you produce and the size of the extruder feed section. In some cases, PAC systems have achieved a rate of 33%.

Save on Virgin Materials

PAC’s industry-leading trim removal systems and innovative Granulate Feed Systems (GSFs) work together to make your film and sheet edge trim go further, helping you save on virgin resin — all without repellitizing.

The GFS can simultaneously feed edge trim and roll scrap into the system (if a roll feed is utilized on your granulator), even though the edge trim is processed during production (in-line) and the roll scrap is collected and then processed (off-line). The system will automatically start and stop the roll feed as needed.

Custom-Designed Options

PAC’s engineers are experts in creating custom solutions that best fit individual film and sheet companies’ needs. In addition to our Granulate Feed Systems, we offer noise reduction, static elimination, and dust collection  options.

PAC’s Roll Splitters allow companies to remove material from rolls in a way that saves time, lowers costs and keeps workers safe.