PAC guarantees a 12-month ROI on its waste matrix removal systems

Precision AirConvey feels so strongly that our waste matrix removal solutions will increase your productivity, decrease your downtime, and lower your material and labor costs, that we guarantee you a full return on investment in less than 12 months.

Stop Winding Your Matrix Waste

PAC matrix waste removal systems capture matrix right at the press, shredding it and whisking it away pneumatically (using air) to a waste bin or baler. No winding needed.

That means there's no reason to waste time and halt production while workers remove big, awkward rolls of matrix waste. This increases your productivity and can even reduce workers' comp claims from heavy lifting. Plus, because there's no web to wind, press stoppages caused by web breaks are eliminated, too.

Increase Your Press Speed

Matrix winding and inefficient matrix removal systems keep many companies from running their presses at higher speeds for fear of jams and tension breaks. PAC matrix removal systems can keep up with higher speeds, without windups or web breakage.

Waste Less Material

Do you take more than 1/8-inch off of each side of your web? PAC systems remove matrix waste pneumatically, so you don’t need edges larger than 1/8 inch, saving you money by reducing material widths, which is most likely your highest cost factor.

Handle PSA Materials Without Clogging

If you're working with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) materials, such as labels, PAC has you covered. Our oil mist lubrication system coats your system's interior ductwork with a micro-thin layer of food-grade mineral oil, neutralizing your waste's stickiness. This coating is critical for keeping the adhesive material from adhering to tubing or other system components, eliminating expensive system clogs and costly downtime.

Our innovative mister, the EnviroPulse, uses a 100 psi atomizer at the infeed nozzle to produce such a fine mist that very little oil is required, saving you money on oil costs.

Contact PAC to learn how a waster matrix removal system can improve your operations.