Robin Class – Corporate Purchasing Specialist

As a native New Jerseyan, Robin currently resides in the charming town of North Chesapeake City, Maryland with her spouse and their four-legged companion, Sammie (affectionately known as Princess). Her family is blessed with one daughter and three amazing grandchildren.

In her spare time, Robin enjoys traveling - with Spain being a favorite destination - as well as partaking in recreational boating, tending to her garden, and indulging in her passion for culinary arts.

Chelsey Dzinski – Technical Customer Service Administrator

Chelsey is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in various industries, specializing in technical customer service and administration. She brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her role as Technical Customer Service Administrator, having honed her skills in customer service and administration over the course of her career.

Hailing from Upstate New York, Chelsey currently resides in Southern New Jersey. In her leisure time, she is an avid enthusiast of the arts, with a particular interest in film and literature. She enjoys watching movies and staying current with the latest offerings on streaming platforms like Netflix. Additionally, she is an avid reader, with a particular fondness for fantasy, science fiction, and biographical literature. On weekends, she can often be found exploring the city of Philadelphia and spending time with friends, attending cultural events and shows.

Barbara Johns – Special Projects Coordinator

Barbara is a highly skilled and experienced professional who coordinates the procurement and distribution of materials, parts, equipment, and supplies for PAC. She ensures that the organization has the necessary resources to operate efficiently and effectively.

In her personal time, Barbara is an avid target shooter and enjoys both semi-automatic and pistol shooting. She has two adult sons and three grandchildren and is currently learning Spanish to keep up with her grandchildren, who are being raised bilingually. She is originally from Linwood, Pennsylvania, but currently resides in New Castle, Delaware. Barbara has also had the opportunity to travel internationally to destinations such as Mexico, Norway, Ireland, and England. Though she has visited only 10 of the U.S. states, Barbara plans to travel more extensively once retired.

Barbara's attention to detail, organizational skills and ability to plan ahead is valuable in ensuring the successful procurement of materials and supplies for PAC.

Sharon Mertes – Customer Service Administrator - Cutter Shop

Sharon is a highly experienced and accomplished professional, currently serving as the Customer Service Administrator for the PAC Cutter Shop in Phillipsburg, NJ. With over 15 years of experience in administrative and executive assistant support, she has a proven track record of success in a variety of industries, including Automotive, Pond and Lake Management, and Insurance. Sharon holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Kean University in NJ.

In addition to her professional achievements, Sharon is also a dedicated mother of three children, Mackenzie, Charlotte, and Chase, and a proud owner of a Chinese Crested Powder Puff puppy named Maggie. She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and enjoys spending time with her family exploring local hiking trails and enjoying the natural beauty of her community. Sharon and her daughters also share a passion for baking, and they often spend their holidays creating delicious cookies together.

Jessie Pruitt – Bookkeeper

Jessie brings a wealth of experience and expertise in bookkeeping to her role at Precision AirConvey. With over 20 years of experience in the field, she has a deep understanding of the intricacies of full-cycle bookkeeping and has worked for companies in various industries, including landscaping and bio-tech. Jessie's extensive experience and knowledge in bookkeeping will be valuable in ensuring the financial stability and growth of the company.

Jessie currently resides in North East, Maryland, and is enjoying the next chapter of her life as a grandmother. She is thrilled to be a grandmother to her grandson and eagerly awaits the arrival of her granddaughter in the spring. Jessie's attention to detail and expertise in bookkeeping, along with her passion for her family, make her a valuable asset to the Precision AirConvey team.

Marlaina Uhland – Customer Experience Administrator

Marlaina is a highly skilled and accomplished professional with a diverse background in various industries. She is a native of New Jersey and received a comprehensive culinary arts education from Salem County Votech. Later, Marlaina moved to Newark, Delaware, where she worked as a Wawa associate for 3 years and an administrative assistant for Miracle-Ear for nearly 2 years. This experience has provided her with a wide range of skills and knowledge that are highly applicable to her current role.

In her personal time, Marlaina is passionate about gardening and is an avid collector of houseplants. She also enjoys spending time with her son and boyfriend and is dedicated to maintaining a balance between her professional and personal life. Her diverse background, passion for personal growth, and dedication to her family make her an asset to any team.