Precision AirConvey’s matrix waste removal systems are so good at increasing productivity, decreasing downtime, and lowering material and labor costs, that we guarantee a full return on investment in less than 12 months for label, narrow web and flexo print companies.

No need to wind matrix

If you wind your matrix waste, you are losing potential production time, wasting materials and tying up your employees with unnecessary work. Here’s why:

Presses often need to be slowed down to accommodate matrix winding.

Presses need to be stopped when the matrix waste roll is removed.

Employees need to remove the waste roll.

Material is wasted for recalibrating registration every time you stop and start your press.

Winding matrix requires a wide edge trim.

Presses often need to be slowed down to accommodate matrix winding.

PAC Can Help

PAC can help your company become more productive while saving you money because our pneumatic systems eliminate the need to wind matrix waste. Instead, PAC matrix waste removal systems capture matrix right at the press. The matrix is chopped up and whisked away pneumatically (using air) to a waste compactor or baler. No winding is needed.

Air conveying your matrix through a PAC in-line cutter/fan system is better because:

Matrix waste can be air-conveyed faster than it can be wound. You don’t have to slow down your press.

No production time is wasted for removing matrix waste rolls.

No employees need to spend time removing matrix waste rolls.

The press doesn’t need to be stopped, eliminating the need to waste materials re-registering.

Air-conveyed matrix edges trim can be as narrow as 1/8 inch, saving material.

Plus, because there’s no web to wind, press stoppages caused by web breaks are eliminated, too.

Handle PSA Materials Without Clogging

If you’re working with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) materials, such as labels, PAC has options to keep your systems clog-free. Our oil mist lubrication system neutralizes the PSA waste’s stickiness with a micro-thin layer of food-grade mineral oil. We also coat strategic parts of the ductwork with a proprietary non-stick coating. Companies with more than one press can also benefit from our efficient Central Oil Mist Lubrication System.