PAC’s Roll Slabber is your solution for the cumbersome and unsafe process of removing scrap material from cores. Our fully automatic machine is designed to remove material with no operator involvement. The machine probing feature automatically identifies the outside diameter of the roll, cutting is performed on the side of the machine allowing for zero obstructions when loading/unloading the roll with an overhead systems.

How the PAC Roll Slabber Works

Our D2 knife on the cutting head indexes in after each pass, depth of cut, speed of cutting head, number of passes – all adjustable with a user friendly HMI. The machine is adaptable to core inserts, core chucks or directly mounting core onto the machine. An air stream is utilized in the event the material does not shed after cutting (memory, static), air pressure and number of passes are adjustable.

Shedding of the slab is accomplished by rotating the roll.The open base structure of the machine allows bins or skids to be easily put in place to capture the slabs. As well, the open base would allow for a conveyor underneath to remove material. Precision AirConvey collaborates with customers on safety features to include hard guarding (gates/doors) and electronic (light curtains, pressure pads) or a combination thereof.

Watch the PAC Slabber in Action: