Save on virgin resin with a custom trim removal and reclaim system from PAC

Precision AirConvey's industry-leading trim removal systems and innovative Granulate Feed Systems (GFS) work together to make your film, sheet and non-woven trim go further, helping you save on virgin resin — all without repellitizing.

The GFS closed-loop recycling system keeps up with demand by feeding both fluff (which is also called granulate) and virgin resins into the extruder. The system avoids common consistency problems traditionally associated with fluff recycling by keeping the fluff and virgin resins in two separate hopper chambers. The resin is pushed down by gravity while the fluff is conveyed by a variable speed auger. The auger automatically speed ups or slow downs according the to the extruder demands. Agitator arms prevent loss of feed and bridging.

As much as 28% of extruder output can come from your film and sheet reclaimed materials — reclaim percentages depend on the amount of trim you produce and the size of the extruder feed section. In some cases, PAC systems have achieved a rate of 33%. When processing non-wovens, 20% of extruder output can come from reclaimed material.

PAC's GFS is fast, too, reclaiming up to 1,200 pounds per hour per extruder.

Reclaim Roll Scrap Too

The GFS can simultaneously feed edge trim and roll scrap into the system (if a roll feed is utilized on your granulator), even though the edge trim is processed during production (inline) and the roll scrap is collected and then processed (offline). The system will automatically start and stop the roll feed as needed. Contact us to learn more about how PAC can make your reclaim process more efficient