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Material Air Separator 1

Material falling into a collection box.

Material Air Separator 2

Material falling into a compactor.

Label Waste Example 1

17” film waste matrix removal.

Label Waste Example 2

18” film waste matrix removal.

Label Waste Example 3

17” film waste matrix removal

Label Waste Example 4

10” paper waste matrix removal.

Typical Infeed 1

Shows the ducting layout from infeed to cutter.

Typical Infeed 2

Illustrates the specific components to the infeed.

Before (Non-PAC Matrix Rewinding)

This is traditional matrix rewinding. Precision AirConvey matrix removal systems eliminate the need to rewind matrix.

After (PAC Matrix Removal System)

Here’s an example of a PAC matrix removal system in action. Notice how much faster it is running than in the “Before” video featuring Matrix Rewinding.

PAC Label Matrix Removal Overview

A quick, one-minute video which illustrates how a PAC matrix removal system can increase your production while lowering your costs.