PAC's cutters and granulators are, quite frankly, unmatched in the industry. Our knives are created using supe- rior materials and craftsmanship. The proprietary methods we utilize produce the tightest tolerance ball bear- ings and sharpest blades offering incomparable levels of precision and efficiency.

At the heart of PAC is a knowledgeable, friendly team of industry experts and thought leaders. Our expertise and dedication enable us to offer a service experience unrivaled in the industry. Our talented and tenacious team of engineers and technicians are innovative, reliable and knowledgeable. Our Customer Experience Manager is laser-focused on continually surpassing customer expectations through exemplary responsiveness, efficiency, economy, and courtesy. Our support team is committed to rigorous procedures which consistently generate superior product and service resulting in top-quality, high-performance, dependable solutions.

PAC systems offer a quick return on investment by offering savings on materials, increased productivity, decreased downtime and a reduction in labor costs. Our systems are custom designed and crafted to meet the unique needs and goals of each customer.

Don’t take our word for it.

Here are words from some happy PAC Customers.

Bob Hackman

Diversified Labeling Solutions

“The PAC system has made a substantial contribution to keeping the work environment clean and unclut- tered.”

Brian Gale

President, I.D. Images

“PAC is a great company to work with as they are always very attentive to our business needs. Their system is both efficient and effective and requires low maintenance.”

Tom McClintock

Facility Maintenance Manager, Trelleborg Streamwood

“I wanted to take a few moments and thank Precision Air Convey for the outstanding job just completed at our facility. The project from start to completion was as professional as can be with the highest quality of work. It has already shown a great improvement to our production output and we have some happy employees not having to deal with drum vacuums anymore. Thanks to your team for this great job!”

Dan Leverington

JP Morgan Chase

“By installing an automated trim removal system from PAC, I instantly provided a cleaner, safer environment; opened up floor space: cut labor costs; and streamlined my recycling initiative.”

Ron Engebos

Fox Converting

“Everyone claimed they could handle our trim requirements. Only PAC would guarantee to handle our trim without plugging.”

Scott Ford

Electrical Designer, Sealed Air

"The Intermediate Trim System Integration Project is complete. The installation was flawless. We incurred minimal downtime in production.

This reflects one thing to me: The design and engineering of the system was well thought out. The installation crew installed the system methodically and with attention
to detail. All the guys performed the installation safely and worked well with our
Production Team. Ron made sure any and all concerns were addressed while working at heights and included our operators when his team had to impede into their production
work zone.

I look forward to working with this same team in our future projects. Great job to the PAC Team!!!!!! Thank you for a safe and successful installation."

Mike McSherry

Mint-X Corporation

“PAC has always been with me to resolve my issues regarding raw material reclamation to lower my manufac- turing costs. I explain the issue and they engineer the issue out of my process.”