Coleman Brown – Mechanical Technician

Cole is a skilled professional who specializes in internal assemblies, kitting parts, and assisting in the shipping and receiving department as needed. With a background in Boy Scouts, where he was a scout for 8 years and later became an adult advisor, and 4 years of service in the US Air Force as a 9s100 Senior Data Analyst, leading a team of 10 analysts, supporting AFTAC Ops $400M earthquake notification and the international treaty monitoring mission. He brings a wealth of experience in team management and technical skills to his role at PAC.

As a native of Delaware, Cole has a deep understanding of the local market and community. In his free time, he enjoys reading and playing video games, allowing him to relax and recharge while keeping his mind sharp. Cole's background in the Boy Scouts, military service and technical skills, make him a valuable asset to the PAC team.

Chris Bryan – Logistics and Warehouse Supervisor, Construction Service Supervisor

As the Logistics and Warehouse Supervisor at PAC, Chris plays a crucial role in managing the daily operations of the warehouse and overseeing all incoming and outgoing shipments to ensure material excellence. He is also focused on inventory management and maintaining effective communication with the PAC team. Chris brings over 8 years of experience in material handling and inventory management to the organization.

In his personal time, Chris is dedicated to his family and his beloved dog, Romeo. He also possesses a talent for art, which he enjoys in his spare time. He is originally from Elkton, Maryland and his experience and expertise in logistics and warehouse management, along with his dedication to his work and family make him an asset to the organization and a valuable leader in the logistics and warehouse team.

Durell Downing – Mechanical Technician

Durell is a highly skilled and experienced professional who specializes in internal assembly, kitting parts, and providing support to the shipping and receiving department as needed. He is dedicated to continuously seeking out ways to improve internal processes and ensuring that we exceed customer satisfaction. He also performs customer installs and troubleshooting, drawing on his extensive experience in the manufacturing field.

Durell has almost 10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and is a native of New Jersey. He currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware. In his leisure time, he is an avid reader and student of ancient history and is the founding member of the PAC Book Club. His dedication to continuous improvement and commitment to excellence will be instrumental in ensuring that the organization's internal processes run smoothly, and his willingness to take on additional responsibilities will be valuable in ensuring the success of the team.

Wayne Egerer – Cutter Technician

Wayne is an experienced and accomplished professional who plays a critical role in the production process for cutter repair, new orders, and parts orders. He is responsible for order entry, the generation of new quotes for cutters and parts, and the procurement of materials for the entire cutter shop.

Prior to joining PAC, Wayne has worked as a field service engineer for Electrical Discharge Machining, focused on repair and installation in the machining and nuclear industry. He holds an Associate's degree in Applied Science from the County College of Morris.

In his free time, Wayne is an avid athlete and musician, competing in soccer, tennis, and golf, as well as playing the drums and bass guitar. He is also a photography enthusiast, often capturing family vacations and weddings on camera. Additionally, he enjoys a large family dynamic, often taking vacations with a family group of 16 to 25 people. His diverse background and wide range of interests make him an asset to any team, bringing a unique perspective to his work and contributing to the success of the organization.

Tyler Elko – Warehouse & Inventory Administrator

Tyler is a highly skilled and experienced professional who plays a critical role in coordinating and providing administrative support to the warehouse and logistics supervisor at PAC. He is responsible for managing warranty and RGA tracking, and also assists with service and maintenance record keeping. He brings over 10 years of experience in warehouse, materials, and logistics, all of which were gained in the pharmaceutical field.

In his personal time, Tyler is an avid sports fan and enjoys competing in sports such as softball, hockey, and cornhole in both Delaware and Pennsylvania. He is a fan of the Flyers, Eagles, Phillies, and Sixers. He also remains active by enjoying hiking and bike riding.

Tyler is a native of the Philadelphia area and currently resides in New Castle, Delaware with his son, Jamison. He values spending time with his family and friends and his dedication, experience and knowledge will be valuable in ensuring the success of the warehouse and logistics operations at PAC.

Tito Girod – Industrial Mechanic

Alberto “Tito” Girod joined Precision Air Convey as an Industrial Mechanic in October 2022. Tito brings 30+ years' experience as a “jack-of-all-trades” Tradesman. His primary focus for the past 15+ years has been Plumbing, HVAC, and distillery systems. He has dedicated himself to trades-work and brings vast knowledge and an impressive skillset to the team.

Tito is proud of his unmatched craftsmanship and customer service. He also enjoys teaching and believes anyone can do anything they put their mind to. He enjoys making a “hands-on” difference by sharing his knowledge, tips, trade-tricks, and/or skill with the next generation.

In his spare time, Tito enjoys traveling with his wife, and spending time with his children and grandchildren.

Tito feels humbled to be in a new industry as a novice again and looks forward to receiving continued training of the mechanical systems that he will be installing and repairing daily. He is honored to have been chosen and welcomed into the PAC family and looks forward to growing his relationships with everyone here in the years to come.

Dave Haase – Cutter Technician

Dave has worked at Precision AirConvey for 13 years and resharpens cutters, and performs set up and inspection. He also is responsible for expediting domestic and foreign shipments. Before joining PAC, Dave spent 14 years at Alpha Lehigh, which manufactures parts for Precision AirConvey. He is a graduate of Wilson High School, in Easton, Pa.

He volunteers at his local firehouse during its yearly carnival and has an interest in the American Civil War, WWI and WWII.

Dave currently resides with his dog, Spencer, in Easton, Pa., on the farm that has been in his family since 1912.

Bill Krouse – Cutter Technician

Bill joined the PAC team in August 2022 as a skilled technician responsible for servicing cutters, constructing new units, and managing the receipt and packaging of parts. With a long history of experience in custom equipment work, Bill possesses a keen aptitude for troubleshooting and problem-solving. He is currently in the process of completing his Associate's Degree at Warren Community College, and has previously earned a Fine Arts degree with a major in Photography from Pratt Institute. His educational background and prior experience make him a valuable addition to our team, and his technical acumen and attention to detail will be instrumental in ensuring the success of our organization.

Ron Rose – Lead Mechanic, Technical Service and Installation Supervisor

Ron serves as PAC’s lead mechanic and brings history, knowledge, and expertise to all work related to servicing our customers, in addition to leading system installations Ron also ensures customer satisfaction and equipment performance is meeting PAC standards.

Ron is the PAC go to team member for technical service and troubleshooting as he has single handedly solved critical issues both onsite and remotely for customers to reduce downtime and ensure satisfaction. In doing this Ron is a key force on our Customer Service Team that also focuses on improvements and growth. Ron also leads up the industry renowned test lab that continues to grow with most recently adding an entire new addition running multiple floors and the entire length of our shop. If in doubt, the PAC team seeks Ron and his response to both internal and external customers is commendable. Ron has traveled the globe for PAC and excels at being a PAC advocate.

Ron has been married for 28 years and enjoys spending time with his three children and grandchildren. Ron was born in Fredericksburg, VA and currently lives in Newark, DE. Ron is the PAC road warrior and proudly wears his flag!

Phil Valvala – Mechanical Technician

Phil Valvala is a highly skilled mechanic with a passion for fixing things and working with his hands. He brings with him a wealth of experience gained from working in both shipping and receiving, and as a machinist at Clarios in Middletown, DE. Phil is excited to be joining PAC and getting back to his roots as a mechanic, which is what he loves to do.

Phil is a devoted family man and lives in Newark, DE with his wife and two sons. He is known for his attention to detail, hard work ethic, and determination. Phil's extensive knowledge of machinery and equipment makes him an asset to the team at PAC. He is committed to ensuring that all equipment is running at peak performance, and he will bring many skills and talents to the job. With Phil on board, customers can rest assured that they will receive the highest level of service and expertise available.