PAC trim removal systems help non-woven companies densify and reclaim trim

Non-woven companies face many challenges when handling their waste trim. Precision AirConvey can engineer custom trim removal systems that remove — and if needed, reclaim — non-woven trim in the most efficient, productive and cost-saving way possible, enabling companies to save money on waste disposal and virgin materials.

Densify Your Non-Woven Waste

Loose non-woven trim is incredibly high-volume/low density. It quickly fills up waste bins and trucks headed to the landfill. PAC's inline cutter/fan systems densify trim by cutting it up into a confetti that can be packed much more tightly than continuous trim or long pieces of cut trim.

Save Money On Trips To The Landfill

Our WastePAC Densifiers and balers can make handling non-woven trim waste even more efficient by creating easy-to-handle bricks or bales.

Custom Designed Non-Woven Trim Removal Systems

PAC's engineers custom design systems that solve the specific challenges individual non-woven companies face. We offer options that eliminate static, control dust and reduce noise. If you reuse material rolls, consider PAC's Roll Splitters to lower labor costs and keep workers safer.

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