Edge Trim Removal

Increase productivity and save money with PAC’s trim removal systems Precision AirConvey’s in-line cutter/fan trim removal systems help converting, non-woven, and film and sheet companies earn more, while saving money.

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Label Matrix Removal

We feel so strongly that our waste matrix removal solutions will increase your productivity, decrease your downtime, lower your material and labor costs, that we guarantee you a full return on investment in less than 12 months.

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Reclaim Systems

Precision AirConvey's industry-leading trim removal systems and innovative Granulate Feed Systems (GFS) work together to make your film, sheet and non-woven trim go further, helping you save on virgin resin — all without repellitizing.

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Precision AirConvey cutters are the gold standard for the industry

PAC's cutters and granulators feature the industry's best knives and bearings, and are sharpened to the tightest clearances, ensuring they stay sharp longer.

See PAC’s trim and matrix removal systems in action — using your materials

See us in action. Send us your materials and we'll film them going through a PAC trim or matrix removal system, then email you the video.

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