See PAC’s trim and matrix removal systems in action — using your material

Wonder if Precision AirConvey’s densifiers, balers, cutters and granulators can handle the materials your company works with?

Send your materials to us and we’ll run them through a PAC trim or matrix removal system at our innovative onsite Test Lab in our Newark, Del., headquarters. We’ll document and film the process, and email you the video. We’ll even mail you back samples of your processed trim waste so you can see, touch and feel the results firsthand.

In addition to taking on traditional materials, such as LDPE plastics and labels, the PAC Test Lab has faced numerous unusual challenges in the past. We cut and conveyed pool liners, plasma-screen film and the lids from metal cans. We baled plastic bags from the grocery store. We even turned one customer’s edge trim into glitter on request.

Contact PAC to schedule a test using your materials