EcoPAC Baler saves money, space and time

Balers are a real money and time saver for companies that have to deal with edge trim or label matrix waste. Balers compact and shape paper, film and PSA waste into easy-to-handle high-density bales, keeping workers from dealing with big bins or boxes full of loose trim with very low bulk density.

Traditional horizontal balers do a great job densifying waste, but Precision AirConvey’s vertical EcoPAC Baler offers a few advantages they don’t. Here are the benefits of the EcoPAC Baler:

The EcoPAC Baler’s vertical design allows it to have a relatively tiny footprint: 48 inches wide by 60 inches deep. It takes up 80% less floor space than horizontal balers — a huge plus for companies short on space.

The EcoPAC Baler densifies and bags trim or matrix waste air conveyed from a trim removal system. It’s simple and it’s easy. When it’s time to remove a bale from the EcoPAC, the operator opens the doors and discovers a neat cube of compacted material inside a sealed bag set on a standard pallet, ready for conveyance via lift truck or pallet jack.

The EcoPAC is a sealed, self-contained system that keeps dust and other waste particulates from contaminating the plant or the outside environment.

This is a huge improvement over traditional balers, which use wire ties to bind bales together. These bales may maintain their shape and contain most of the waste trapped in the wire, but inevitably, bits of dust and waste fall out, creating a trail of stragglers behind them whenever and wherever the bales are transported.

The EcoPAC’s “bale-in-a-bag” solution means there’s no dust, no trail of crinkly bits of waste and no annoying (and time-wasting) housekeeping issues.

The EcoPAC baler uses dramatically less horsepower than traditional balers. Less horsepower means less energy is needed, which is better for the environment and the bottom line.

The EcoPAC is synchronized to match material demand. You can leave it on 24/7 to keep up with your press, but it will go into an energy-saving standby mode whenever it isn’t actively working.

Also in keeping with Precision AirConvey’s commitment to the environment, the company offers biodegradable bags for baling in addition to regular poly bags.

In general, balers aren’t very loud. The EcoPAC Baler is even quieter than most and keeps well below OSHA-approved levels of sound pressure.

Precision AirConvey’s EcoPAC Balers can be included as a companion component to new automated trim or matrix removal systems or can be retrofitted onto existing air-conveyance systems — even systems from other manufacturers!

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