Increase productivity and save money with PAC’s trim removal systems

PAC’s cutter/fan trim removal solutions have helped the world’s largest mail insertion and printing operations lower operating costs and increase production.

Few companies can actually run their lines at full speed, for fear of clogs, snags and jams in their trim removal systems. PAC cutter/fan systems increase productivity by keeping up with lines running at full capacity.

PAC’s pneumatic trim removal systems decrease downtime by eliminating clogs and jams. Our cutters chop trim into small, easy-to-convey pieces that can be sent through ductwork efficiently, swiftly and without buildups. The custom rotor design prevents jamming material wraps.

PAC trim removal systems can handle thinner edge trim than is typically needed. This allows companies to waste less material.

PAC’s automatic trim removal systems run with almost no human interaction, which can help you lower labor costs.

PAC’s trim removal systems densify waste, so it’s easier to handle and can be packed more tightly, saving you trips to the landfill.

Film and sheet, and non-woven companies that reclaim their plastics can use PAC’s innovative Granulate Feed System to achieve the lowest virgin resin to reclaimed scrap ratio possible for extrusion.

Cutter/Fan Systems vs. Venturis

These days, most converters are using a trim removal system of some sort to handle their trim waste. Many believe that choosing a venturi is the economical path. However, over time, a cutter/fan trim removal system is the best money-saving investment.

PAC Is the Industry Leader

PAC’s cutters and granulators are the best in the business, because we make our knives with superior materials, we use the tightest tolerance ball bearings and we employ the smartest, most efficient techniques to sharpen our blades for the highest level of precision. PAC’s trim removal systems are also superior because:

They can keep up with lines running at full speed.

They are highly energy efficient

They are quieter because of PAC’s proprietary silencers.

Find out how venturis stack up against cutter/fan systems in a head-to-head comparison