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Venturis offer continuous-trim waste removal with low up-front costs

Venturis offer paper, film, foil, plastic, label matrix and other continuous-trim waste removal with a compact footprint and low up-front costs.

Precision AirConvey's durable venturi-based systems apply PAC's proprietary engineering advances to the venturi’s classic design.

PAC's venturi systems excel in label, converting and other applications in which the waste remains in a continuous, ribbon-like form. The material is whisked pneumatically from a slitter, press or die cutter to a collector bin, container or baler set next to the machinery or up to 100 feet away. This helps companies eliminate line stoppages, reduce maintenance needs, boost production and segregate waste streams.

Each of PAC's 15 quick-delivery pre-engineered venturi systems comes complete with pickups, a venturi fan, a wye and a flex hose. All models accommodate optional relief heads, casters for mobility, non-stick coatings and sound attenuation devices, and may be customized to suit virtually any material of any width, thickness and stiffness at a wide range of production speeds.

PAC venturi fans are both reversible and field rotatable to direct the airflow as the system design and floor space requires.

PAC's control panels are easy to operate, designed for safety and security, and permit instant line shutdowns.

Who Should Get a PAC Venturi?

PAC venturis are a good fit for companies that want to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce housekeeping costs
  • Decrease line stoppages
  • Spend less money up-front
  • Get a trim-removal solution fast
  • Keep trim unprocessed
  • Save floor space

In some cases a cutter/fan system is a better fit. See how PAC venturis stack up against PAC cutter/fan systems.

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