Automated roll splitters save time — and fingers!

Many companies choose to save money by reusing the cores at the center of their rolls of paper, film, foil, non-wovens and other materials. But before you can reuse the core, you must remove the waste material left over from its last use.

If your shop cleans its cores manually with razor knives, you’re wasting production and worker time, while putting your employees at risk for serious injuries.

Manual methods using a razor knife can take up to 30 minutes or more — if the worker is careful and methodical. Speeding up the process in order to save time can easily lead to mistakes and injuries. For instance, if the knife is pressed through too many layers of the material, it will get stuck. Then the knife must be yanked out — a recipe for potential bodily harm.

PAC Roll Splitters Combine Efficiency and Safety

Roll splitters, also sometimes called core slabbers or roll slabbers, automate the process of removing waste material from the core. Precision AirConvey’s machine turns a time-consuming and potentially hazardous chore into a short, simple and safe routine that can be performed by one worker in less than a minute.

The process is simple, but full of built-in safeguards.

A worker loads the waste material roll on the mandrel and locks it into place. (The roll splitter will not function unless the roll is locked.)

He or she closes the safety gate. (The roll splitter will not function if the gate is open.)

He or she initiates the knife. (The roll splitter will not function if two hands aren’t used.)

Literally a few seconds later, when the material has been removed, the worker opens the gate and removes the clean core, which can be reused in production.


Improve Worker Safey & Reduce Work Comp Claims

In addition to the time saved, shops can promote worker safety, reduce worker comp claims and keep insurers happy by using PAC’s roll splitters. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cuts from razor knives are the cause of approximately 153,000 workplace injuries a year in private industry alone. Many of these result from using hand-held razor knives to manually cut plastic film and other materials from cardboard cores, a dangerous method that unnerves employees and raises red flags among safety inspectors.

PAC’s roll splitters include several safety features for maximum employee protection:

The safety surround gate must be closed to permit operation

The mandrel locking device must be engage and the roll must be secured to permit operation

The knife is exposed only during operation

The knife holder safety pin must be removed to operate the machine

The two-hand operating control panel means complete focus on the task

The see-through safety cage allows the worker to safely oversee roll splitting during operation

The PAC roll splitter safety system is OSHA-approved.

Other Benefits of PAC Roll Splitters

Since there is no contact with the core, risk of fiber contamination is eliminated, waste purity is assured and the cores may be reused. PAC roll splitters are available in different models and may be configured to accommodate rolls of various lengths and diameters. They also may be used to cut the core itself for disposal, if that is desired. Contact PAC to learn more about roll splitters.