PAC helps paper companies save money with custom trim removal systems

Precision AirConvey’s custom trim removal systems help paper and paperboard companies lower costs and earn more money.

We decrease your downtime by eliminating the causes of clogs and jams.

We increase your productivity by allowing you to run your lines 10-30% faster.

We lower your labor costs because our cutter/fan systems and balers densify your trim and make it easier to handle.

Process Paper With Confidence

PAC’s trim removal systems can handle a wide range of speeds, allowing you to process any kind of paper, from tissue to paperboard, with confidence, whether you are just starting up the line or are in the middle of a run.

PAC Options for the Paper Industry

PAC’s custom-engineered systems can include options that solve problems common to paper companies. We offer:

Dust collection

Static elimination

Noise reduction

Save Time & Money

If you reuse material rolls, PAC’s Roll Splitters can help you save time and money, while keeping your workers safe. Contact PAC to learn how we can help your paper company save money.