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* Made in the U.S.A. *


PAC is a great company to work with as they are always very attentive to our business needs. Their system is both efficient and effective and requires low maintenance.

Brian Gale, President, I.D. Images


The PAC system has made a substantial contribution to keeping the work environment clean and uncluttered.

Bob Hackman, Diversified Labeling Solutions


By installing an automated trim removal system from PAC, I instantly provided a cleaner, safer environment; opened up floor space: cut labor costs; and streamlined my recycling initiative.

Dan Leverington, JP Morgan Chase


Everyone claimed they could handle our trim requirements. Only PAC would guarantee to handle our trim without plugging.

Ron Engebos, Fox Converting


PAC has always been with me to resolve my issues regarding raw material reclamation to lower my manufacturing costs. I explain the issue and they engineer the issue out of my process.

Mike McSherry, Mint-X Corporation

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