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Customer Experience Team

Customer Experience Team provides
quality control and customer satisfaction

Customer Experiener Team photoAt Precision AirConvey, quality is at the heart of every aspect of our operation. To ensure that every client receives top-quality service, we have established a first-in-the-industry Customer Experience Team. The team includes key managers who oversee Engineering, Installation and Technical Service, Supply Chain and Production, and Marketing for our trim and matrix removal systems, along with representatives from other internal departments. To demonstrate our commitment to total customer satisfaction, we have created a new position of Technical Customer Service Specialist.

How will customers experience this focused approach in practice?

Quicker response time, clear communication of next steps and expectations are some of the ways customers will see the CET at work. ”There will be more information shared, more frequently and in a timely way,” says Christina Wilson, PAC’s Technical Customer Service Specialist. ”We’re now being proactive, and making sure customers are up to date.”

What if there are problems?

The emphasis of the program is to provide a fast, effective and clear response if there are problems. ”If a customer calls with a part or system failure, we want to make sure the problem is handled quickly,” Wilson says. ”We want to let them know what the next steps will be. We want to shorten the length of time it takes for an issue to be resolved when a customer calls in with a complaint or needs trouble-shooting. In the end, we want every customer to be completely satisfied with their experience and want to work with us again.”

Who should customers call?

With the sale, engineering, installation and maintenance of a PAC trim removal system, many people are involved in the process. Customers should start with the person they are dealing with at a particular point in a project. It could be a sales rep, an engineer, an installation supervisor or technical service expert. A key initiative of the CET program is that the information is now shared internally with the entire Customer Experience Team to ensure that our response is both timely and coordinated.

Who are the key managers on the Customer Experience Team?

In addition to Technical Customer Service Specialist Christina Wilson, the team includes Bob Snover, Engineering Manager; Ron Rose, Technical Service & Installation Supervisor; Kevin Bock, Technical Customer Service Manager, Sharon Malgire, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, and all three Regional Sales Managers, Kevin Callaghan, Garner Mahan, and Vince Mirabella. The PAC Leadership Team and CEO Tom Embley also sit in on CET meetings.

How does the Customer Experience Team distinguish PAC from other companies?

“PAC is the first in our industry to have a team dedicated to our customers’ experience,“ CEO Tom Embley explains. “The CET will focus on all areas of customer engagement with customer satisfaction our number one priority.“ Because PAC is the largest company in its field, it can devote resources to Customer Experience in ways smaller companies cannot. “The mission of the CET is to continuously improve the overall customer experience at PAC through all channels,“ Embley says. “The CET will act as a liaison between our technical team and the customer, ensuring that customer expectations are always met.“

To contact PAC’s Customer Experience Team, click here.

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