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Sound Attenuation

PAC noise reduction solutions keep work environments OSHA-compliant

Precision AirConvey offers a variety of sound attenuation solutions to reduce noise from trim and matrix removal systems, keeping your operations OSHA compliant and your workers safe. PAC’s noise reduction solutions can be included in the design of new PAC systems or retrofitted onto existing systems — even systems from other manufacturers.

In addition to PAC’s extensive selection of pre-engineered sound attenuation equipment, we can custom engineer solutions to meet any specific need.

Sound Enclosures

PAC’s steel sound enclosures for blowers, and material-handling and chopper fans can reduce motor noise by as much as 25%. The cabinets have removable access panels for maintenance, as well as strategically placed air holes that provide ventilation without leaking much noise. PAC’s sound enclosures work just as well outdoors as they do indoors, allowing your company to be a good neighbor to other businesses and nearby residents.

Inline Silencers

PAC’s inline silencers, also called blow-through silencers, reduce noise at cutters and fans while preventing sounds from traveling through the conveyance tubing. The difference in noise levels between a system fitted with a blow-through silencer and one without a silencer is dramatic. PAC’s inline silencers can make the system whisper-quiet, allowing operators to communicate easily at normal, conversational levels.

Balance fans on the exhaust also can be quieted by blow-through silencers.

Silenced Infeed

Silencer hoods and nozzles at the infeed reduce the “reed effect” created by the material and air rushing together over the lip of the infeed while also stopping noise from spilling out from the cutter and/or fan.

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