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Static Elimination

PAC’s static elimination bar eliminates clinging and clumping


When chopped or granulated materials are drawn or blown through ductwork at high speeds, a static charge can be generated. Some materials are more prone to static build up than others. Once the material is charged, the bits of trim or granulate have a tendency to cling or clump within the air separator. Clinging and clumping can lead to a bridging of the separator discharge chute and/or inconsistent trim material output surges. Clumps of material build up and break away instead of traveling at a consistent rate.

Precision AirConvey’s BarStat Ionicflow System continuously neutralizes static charges with a series of electrodes mounted in a bar system. Placed in the conveying lines near an air separator, baler or granulator, the BarStat system directs a flood of positive and negative ions in the path of the highly charged edge trim or granulate. All ions are neutralized, regardless of polarity, and the waste material continues to flow freely en route to its next destination.

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