PAC’s Director of Technical Sales – Kevin Bock, recently traveled to South Africa and while there, he was introduced to the Madikwe Mambas – a local charity group in Madikwe, South Africa. The Madikwe Mambas are members of the local community who are employed within the Madikwe Conservancy. The Mambas work to provide special projects to help support their community.

During his visit, the Mambas took his group to the local schools to meet with the children and see first-hand how much they need, the simplest of items. Their group brought in snacks, school supplies, and donated money to support projects they were undertaking in the area, they also sponsored a runner in the Comrades Marathon Race, a race 53 miles in length run in a single day and were able to track his progress online through the race.

One of the Mambas most recent projects included installing outhouses for the schools to provide proper plumbing. The project was funded after a tragic incident occurred in one of the schools – a toddler went to the existing outhouse during school hours and fell down into the well and died, after this, the group raised money and awareness to provide funds to the local schools to get them proper toilets which ultimately was a safety issue.

Kevin wanted to continue to support the Mambas from the USA and asked fellow PAC employees to donate school supplies for Christmas, thanks to their generous donations, he was able to ship three boxes of supplies to support the school.

PAC employees continue their tradition of helping to provide for those less fortunate.