Precision AirConvey has gone coast-to-coast for its latest business partnership and teamed up with Label Impressions, the world’s first carbon-neutral, wind-powered label printing company. Headquartered in Orange, California, Label Impressions will look to Precision AirConvey’s matrix removal solutions to further bolster its committment to the environment.

Each week, up to 800,000 square feet of raw material is unwound from rolls for processing at Label Impressions’ manufacturing plant. After processing, trim and matrix from the rolls need to be rewound and manually removed. Occurring up to 90 times a week, this process costs hours of downtime and results in the loss of as much as 27,000 square feet of raw material every week.

Recognizing the opportunity to eliminate this waste, Label Impressions is retrofitting its plant with a matrix waste removal system from Precision AirConvey. By seamlessly capturing and shredding waste from the presses, the system will eliminate the need for rewinding rolls of waste. This improvement will keep nearly 1.5 million square feet of raw material from going to waste each year.

The PAC system will also enable Label Impressions to purchase material rolls with thinner edges, further reducing raw material use by 1.67 percent. In total, the improvements will save Label Impressions an estimated $210,000 annually: $132,000 through reduced material costs and $78,000 through eliminated downtime. The system will pay for itself within a year, proving that environmental and cost-consciousness can go hand-in-hand.

“This new system demonstrates Label Impressions’ continued commitment to implementing environmentally-friendly solutions at each stage of our production process,” said Jeff Salisbury, President of Label Impressions. “We’re very pleased and excited to see the impact the PAC system will have on reducing our carbon footprint, as well as supporting the financial health of our company.”

Precision AirConvey CEO Thomas Embley added that the partnership was equally rewarding for his company.

“This installation is not the product of chance, but of design,” Embley said. “We strive to engineer the best, greenest trim and matrix removal systems, precisely for the benefit of responsible companies like Label Impressions. We’re delighted that they chose us from across the country, and believe it validates our position as an industry leader.”