PAC embarked on its journey to success when Precision Cutters, Inc. was founded in 1968.  Initially, the company focused on building cutters (aka choppers) for systems installed by DuPont worldwide. This period lasted until 1985, when Precision Cutters took a significant step forward by expanding its scope to become a systems provider, offering more than just cutters. It was during this time that Tom Embley joined the company as its second full-time employee.

In 1996, Tom Embley left Precision Cutters to establish AirConvey Systems. However, the two companies eventually merged as Precision AirConvey, combining both their resources and expertise. This union resulted in an initial workforce of 25 employees, with a particular emphasis on an engineering team which grew to eight members. PAC later expanded into the “Waste and Linen” systems business and achieved a significant milestone when their worldwide sales surpassed $10 million for the first time.

While continuing to serve their industrial customers, PAC continued to thrive as the Design Team successfully engineered the PAC “Waste and Linen System.” As the company’s operations expanded, the PAC team and gross sales grew as well.  To accommodate this growth, PAC’s Newark DE facility grew from 10,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet, accommodating a test lab and training center. PAC subsequently landing their first construction job at Penn, further solidifying their presence in the expanded market.

The culmination of their remarkable journey came in 2021 when Precision AirConvey was acquired by Envac NA, highlighting their significant achievements and recognition in the industry. Through dedication, innovation, and strategic collaborations, PAC demonstrated a steadfast commitment to success, ultimately positioning themselves as a leader in their field.

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