The University of Pennsylvania is currently building a 1.5 million square foot hospital on Penn Medicine’s west Philadelphia campus. The Pavilion will house 500 private patient rooms, 47 operating rooms, and emergency department, expected to be completed in 2021. As part of the project, Penn Medicine will be incorporating the most advanced Pneumatic Waste & Linen Conveying System available.

The enclosed pneumatic system provides for automated transportation of trash, recyclables and soiled linen from various locations throughout the hospital to the final point of drop-off in a soiled linen collection room or compactor containers at the soiled dock. The system evacuates waste and soiled linen from users directly to the dock or linen staging area, eliminates intermediate waste staging areas, removes infectious materials from corridors and elevators, decreases elevator requirements, reduces staff injuries and increases efficiency.

Designed and manufactured by Precision AirConvey Corporation, the system is positioned to handle 60,000 lbs. of trash, recyclables and soiled linen 24/7. The system encompasses roughly 80 load stations located throughout Penn Medicine’s Pavilion. The unique system requirements for the Pavilion required innovative technology, monitoring and controls designed by Precision AirConvey that will result in the most advanced pneumatic waste & linen conveying system installed in North America.

“The collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania has been outstanding from the bid process to lab testing of unique applications through the integrated project delivery process,” says Precision AirConvey CEO Thomas Embley. “The pneumatic waste and linen system technology is a perfect fit for the leading-edge design and technology that will be employed throughout The New Patient Pavilion.”

Pneumatic transportation replaces conventional means of transporting trash, recyclables and soiled linens that typically utilize elevators or gravity chutes to accomplish the same with increased efficiency. The need to improve hygiene and immediately remove soiled materials from open air environments continues to drive this technology into medical communities.

For more information, contact Dean Herbstreit, PAC’s Director of National Sales, at or 804.658.6594.

About Precision AirConvey

PAC is recognized as the global authority in pneumatic conveying technology. PAC designs, manufactures, installs and maintains state-of-the-art pneumatic conveying systems that automatically transport waste, recycling and soiled linens from multiple points in a facility to remote locations. With a stellar reputation for high quality conveying expertise, PAC has provided systems and equipment to more than 10,000 customers on five continents since its founding in 1968. PAC has earned praise from many of the world’s largest corporations including Kimberly-Clark, DuPont, 3M, Procter & Gamble, JPMorgan Chase, Cigna, New York Life and W.L. Gore.