Delawareans near and far got an inside look at Precision AirConvey when they opened their June 22 edition of The News Journal, the state’s largest paper. Featured in the paper was a story on Precision AirConvey, which covered the company’s history, solutions and recent growth.

The article’s author, Scott Goss, visited Precision AirConvey’s Newark headquarters in mid-June for a tour and interview with CEO Tom Embley. Goss chronicled what he learned about during the visit: The unlikely hiring of Embley when the company that would become PAC was in its infancy, how Embley originally left that company but later united two businesses into what PAC is today, and the innovations that drove PAC to its current position as an industry leader. The article closed with a teaser about where Precision AirConvey might be headed in the not too distant future.

The employees of Precision AirConvey are incredibly proud to have our story shared with more than 100,000 News Journal readers across the state, and encourage all to read the story online at