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Cutter & Granulator Maintenance

Cutter service

Cutter and granulator performance is a key element in overall system performance. In order to keep your trim and matrix removal systems working efficiently, and to extend the life of your blades, the knives must be sharpened and the cutter/granulator parts must be serviced on a regular basis.

When you send your PAC cutter or granulator to us for maintenance, we perform a meticulous 8-step inspection. PAC technicians, backed by our engineering staff, have the expertise to diagnose wear issues. Only certified parts and coatings are used to return your equipment to its original cutting tolerance and performance specifications. You will be notified of any necessary parts replacement and additional costs before we proceed.

Packing and Shipping Instructions

Knowing that your company’s time is money, Precision AirConvey has made cutter/granulator maintenance incredibly convenient.

  1. Remove and retain motor. (This step is not required, but it will save you money on shipping costs.)
  2. Place covers on the inlet and outlet of the cutting chamber as supplied with the cutter.
  3. Use original carton and plywood base for packaging. If original packaging is not available, bolt the 4 isolators to a plywood base or crate.
  4. Packaging must be securely attached to a pallet or crate for freight shipments. Bolts through the plywood are recommended.

Model 78 cutters can be shipped via UPS or FedEx.

Model 811 cutters must be shipped via freight carrier due to weight restrictions.

Shipping Address

Precision AirConvey
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Cutting Edge Service Program and Protection Plus Service Plan

PAC customers who sign up for the Cutting Edge Service program enjoy faster turnaround times and a 15% discount on cutter/granulator maintenance. Enrollment in the program is free. Learn more about PAC’s Cutting Edge Service Program.

The Protection Plus Service Plan includes regularly scheduled site visits to inspect and adjust full trim and matrix waste removal systems, keeping them running efficiently. Learn more about PAC’s Protection Plus Service Plan.

Service & Maintenance